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Our Story

Eating to Live

Our journey started with a simple idea: living from the inside out. We wanted healthier options to help us live with more energy, nourish our bodies, and prioritize self-care. We started by making a signature kale salad packed with nutrients and flavor. The salad became so popular with friends of all eating practices that we didn't stop there. As lovers of food and life, we wanted to share the joy!


With culinary and community dreams, we created more options to build a complete meal. That's why we also serve chickpea salad, hibiscus tea, and the imaginative nutty pumpkin cup. We believe eating fresh should be fun, so we often create new plant-based concepts for you to try.


We are on a journey, so join us to discover the delicious flavors of nature and experience the benefits of incorporating plants into your eating.  We love to hear from you, so send us a note here or on Instagram and share your story.

Woman smiling and cutting fresh kale
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