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Eat well, without judgment

Live well, with community

 Start your journey

We create delicious plant-based meals to help you eat to live.       

Our flavorful options are made from scratch daily.

Try our signature power kale salad, chickpea salad, hibiscus tea, and nutty pumpkin cup - all made with love.

Our Story

We are passionate about eating to live. I Kale Life started as a judgment-free, self-care journey to heal from the inside out and enjoy the process. 


As food lovers, we prioritize bold and imaginative flavors. We started by sharing our signature kale salad and other plant-based meals with friends and family who wanted more!  This inspired us to share with more eaters like you who want to eat to live.


We make all meals fresh and from scratch, creating delicious options for you to enjoy. Come join us on our journey to live our best lives.

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We build and nurture strong relationships. The ethos of I Kale Life is to share, give back to spaces that give so much.  We love serving you, we love sharing with you, and we honor community with that commitment.


We are committed to sustainable practices. Using locally sourced ingredients and using compostable containers, all help reduce waste.  We aim to minimize our impact on the environment and maximize our impact in our communities.


Eating to live is a journey. We create a welcoming and inclusive environment, without judgment, where everyone can enjoy delicious plant-based foods, no matter your eating practice. I Kale Life, is about living.

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What you're saying !

The nutty pumpkin cup was so good.  I need a whole pie.
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